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Sporty Waterproof Advance Pack for iPad Mini (with Waterproof Earphone)
Item Code : 873010
Item Name : IPDS-mini

This waterproof case is designed to protect your iPad mini from any water damage that could possible occur. Whether you are deciding take your iPad mini to go to the beach, pool side, read a book in the bathtub, search for recipes in the kitchen or other outdoor activities. It is the best option available for protecting your iPad against extremely wet situations.

This waterproof case has been IPX8 certified by the SGS, it is submergible and waterproof in excess of 10 meters (approx. 33 feet) , also protected against sand, dust, dirt and snow.

The case will give you complete access to all the features of the iPad mini, including the capacitive screens. You can connect with our water cable and waterproof earphone for audio playback and a back window for iPad mini rear camera.

・100% waterproof and submergible up to 10m (33ft)
・Protects against sand, dust, dirt and snow
・Suitable for iPad mini or compatible size Tablet
・Connect with waterproof earphone for audio playback
・Ideal for swimming, surfing, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, skiing & more

Height : 270mm (10.63”)
Width : 157mm (6.18”)
Weight : ~ 86g
Earphone : 32ohm +/- 15%, 111=/-3dBA ( 1KHz, 1mW)

Package includes
・Waterproof case
・Waterproof earphone
・Detachable lanyard
・Desiccant sachets

・All generation of iPad mini or compatible size tablet
・Fit size of device within - height: 210mm, width: 147mm, depth: 12mm

Product notes
・Capacitive screens may not work underwater
・The illustrated product and specifications may differ slightly from actual product supplied

US $42.99



Shipping : Int'l registered mail
Delivery : Ships within 20 days after receiving cleared payment
No returns or exchanges


Take out thw Water Cable First, then put the desiccant into the case first then insert your iPad after

2. Connect the Water Cable plug into your 3.5mm iPad's headphone output jack

3. Hold the left side of the ziplock, then slide all ziplocks to the right and hear the "snapping" sound ensure the zippers are closed

4. Fold along the zipper crease

5. Close the cover with velcro closure

6. Plug-in the Waterproof Earphone with the Water Cable. Ensure all the steps are complete and ready to go

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